Thursday, January 28, 2010

Special Kitties

The girls and I went over to grandma's house to take baths last night. However, the evening's highlight was looking at the "special kitties" - miniature ceramic cats that my mom collected as a little girl. They are presented in a large bag, each individually wrapped in a paper towel square. One-by-one grandma removes the kitties and Charli, with rapt fascination, gingerly opens each of them. Well, gingerly by a 2-year-old's standards anyway.

Waiting eagerly for grandma to come back with the kitties!

Claire and I played with toys in the meantime :) Her favorite part of the evening was sampling new types of solid foods - cheesy potatoes and oat bread among them.

The first kitty of the night emerges, with as much fanfare as the very first time.
Being very careful, because they are "so old".
Each kitty is careful examined, and imitated if it's suiting (licking a "paw", batting at the air, begging for milk).

Her "Aww, how CUTE!" face.

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