Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A new dryer? Yippee!

Ah yes, I have a thing for Anne Taintor. The sarcastic humor of that woman who takes authentic advertisements from the 40's and 50's and pairs them with today's sensibility always makes me laugh. In all seriousness, I often find myself caught in the very irony she relies on for her humor. I possess a bachelor's degree and have the experience of a professional RN, yet my life for the last two years has revolved around babies and home-making. There is nothing I want to change about the current course my life is taking, but I'm still in disbelief sometimes when I find myself getting excited about a new appliance or when I don't think twice about boogers smearing on my shoulder. When did this happen?! Morning til night is about kids, housework, and husband. I love it all and cherish every minute with my funny family. But my ambitious and determined alter-ego sometimes shows up and has to point and chuckle at the June Cleaver side of me. That's okay though. One request: allow me to point and laugh at my life - it doesn't mean I am bitter or dissatisfied. Just amused.

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