Thursday, January 28, 2010

Coffee and Collisions

Last night I went from lounging in jammies to a last-minute date with my little sister. We spent a completely unproductive 2 hours in a bookstore sipping chai tea and frappeccinos. Any casual passerby would have learned much about us by our respective stacks of books to be browsed. Example: "How to be a Cowboy" (her) vs. "Mennonite in a Little Black Dress" (me). Oh, and then there was the laugh over running into an old acquaintance / wannabe cowboy who once wanted to be my man. It was fun to reminisce but I certainly don't miss the days when my love was still up for grabs. A great, relaxing, refreshing night all around.

And then there was this morning. I lugged the girls to church and back, including a stop for essentials at the grocery store. We arrived home and just as I had unloaded everything and everyone from the car, Claire tumbled out of her carseat - from counter-height - and landed on the tile floor. Directly on her face. Blood and bruises and bellows ensued. Here we are, 2 hours later, and fortunately she finally fell asleep and my nerves are a little less frayed. I'm told I have a talent for staying calm when things come unglued, but when my kids are involved, my serenity goes out the window. At least on the inside! And poor Claire...I think she just realized for the first time today the world's capacity for causing her pain. She cried for almost 2 hours, which is saying something for perhaps the world's most chilled out, happy little chica. My Claire-bear.

Oh well, tonight it's on over to my dad's for his famous dinner of chicken and rice. The day is sure to turn around and end on a happier note!

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