Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rough Weekend, Wonderful Husband

My husband is the greatest man I know. And I can't imagine being with anyone better for me. This past weekend was one of the rougher ones in my life. I was deeply missing "home" and felt like nothing I was doing here in my current life was turning out as I intended. My attitude about myself and toward my little family here was quickly spiraling down into something ugly. As is my unhealthy tendency, I chose at first not to talk about what was troubling me because "what could anyone else do about it anyway". But once I did, Micah rose to the occasion and instead of directly trying to fix the problem (which is not what I needed anyway), he did all he could to make my day pleasant and easy so I had room to breathe and regroup. He took the girls while I had a Sunday afternoon nap, sent me on a solo walk to call my family, didn't mention the horror of a dinner I created in my angst, and made me laugh hysterically at the movie I picked out for the night. And that's all I needed. I am in love with him and here are a few more reasons why:

1) He has always been himself with me.
2) His humor is endlessly funny to me.
3) He is quick to forgive and understand.
4) He always gives me the benefit of the doubt.
5) Even after his own long day, he asks how he can help me - and does it happily.
6) There is always room in his day to sit, cuddle, and talk.
7) He says I'm perfect for him, but doesn't expect me to BE perfect.
8) He does nice things for me during my rough patches.
9) He is kind and loving toward me even when it's not a warm and fuzzy romantic kind of day.
10) He likes to have fun with this family. Example: making Thanksgiving an overnight adventure with the girls.
11) He listens. This is huge!
12) He argues softly. And rarely.

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