Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Home For The Holidays: Week 2

On Saturday we made the move from one mom's home to the other's. We will be here at Perkins until Thursday afternoon. I would have to say the best thing about living here is the endless supply of people for the girls to play with and be passed around to. There is always someone available and eager to play games and otherwise entertain them better than usually can. It has been a nice break! Charli has taken a special liking to Christi's friend Jillian (or "Julia" as she calls her after a favorite baby doll at the other grandma's house). Micah is getting to know his new XBox360, a birthday present.

The only discomforts have been the inherent problems that come with moving around with young children of not being able to unpack in any coherent manner and having so much downtime when we are accustomed to being always on the go. Being with family for so much of every day has been even nicer than I expected though. I'd almost forgotten just how much I missed everyone until we got back home. I love Grand Rapids.

And my only concern for the near future is how in the world we could possibly manage to take home all our personal belongings in addition to the Christmas loot we have yet to receive. A good problem to have, no doubt, but a logistical challenge nevertheless.

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