Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It didn't help matters that we moved down here (MI to KY) on the weekend of the daylight savings time change in addition to the one hour time zone difference. Our first morning's wake-up at our new house was at four-freaking-thirty AM. In the past 3 weeks that we've been here, we are lucky to reach 5:30am before the tip-toeing 2-year-old arrives at the bedside. She is wide-eyed and bushy-tailed, more than ready to start her day. "Her day" also means "my day", yaaaaawn. Typically, all 4 of us have been in bed by 9:30 pm. Charli hits the hay at about 7ish. So I guess she is sleeping nearly 11 hours, but we are hoping to push her sleep cycle back at least an hour. Hopefully the early-bird gene isn't hardwired too deeply into her system. We shall see. The Game Plan: 1) eliminate (or reduce) fluids around bedtime and during the night so overly wet diapers aren't an alarm clock for her, 2) push back naps and bedtime by 10 minutes each night for the next week, 3) wait 30 minutes after she wakes to serve breakfast, 4) make night-time wakings boring (no prayers or songs after the first goodnight), and 5) respond to any wake-ups before 6:30 am as a night-time waking (back to sleep you go!). And 6, keep going to bed early myself just in case so that I can respond with some measure of grace in the morning while she undergoes Operation Routine Change. Updates to come!

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