Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Oh my. The way she balances saying every thought that enters her little mind with being so darned cute that it's easily forgivable is a combo I envy. Lately, my Charli has been coming up with phrases that are simultaneously shocking and endearing. And I am learning how to react, or in some cases, not react. 3 examples from the last week:

1. My brother Michael (a.k.a. Uncle Mikey) ignored our mom's prior warning about not dying his hair in her new bathroom sink. As he came out of the bathroom sporting a new jet black 'do, my mom grabbed him and told him AGAIN, and loudly, never to use that sink. "Use the basement utility sink, for crying out loud!" He smiled, mumbled something, and quickly exited stage left. The wheels in Charli's head were obviously turning, taking it all in. And a moment later, she faced my mom and exclaimed "You told Mikey! Holy cow!" Now, I'm not sure what age it becomes okay to say "holy ... anything", but it was so unexpected here that I burst into laughter along with everyone else. You told him! Wow, what next?

2. It seems that most of the memorable/naughty/hilarious things around here happen while I'm on the phone or otherwise distracted for a few minutes. As was the case the other day. I was engrossed in a phone conversation with a friend and from the next room, Charli appears. Naked. And with a large plastic bag dragging behind her. And the corner of said bag was carefully tucked between her baby butt-cheeks as she paraded past me. What really caught my attention, however, was her explanation. "Look mom. I'm just like Santa Claus!" It was a stretch, sure (I've never seen a nude St. Nick with the sack in his crack), but a clever association on her part nonetheless. I laughed unabashedly this time. And took a picture that will haunt her in years to come.

3. And last night. For a bedtime snack, I allowed her a rare doughnut. 1/6 of one actually. First she carefully ate small pieces that were well-frosted. Then she gobbled up her mandarin oranges. Then, me: "Hey Charli, I'll cut up the rest of that doughnut for you. The parts without frosting are good too." And her, with major attitude: "Mom, I don't NEED that!" Wow, alrighty then! I only wish I had your restraint around sugary treats, little girl.

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