Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Candy Cane Miracles

My mom planned a big meal and fun evening with our dear friends from Haiti, many of whom I hadn't seen in years. They are as sweet and beautiful and fun as ever. I think it may have been my favorite holiday get-together thus far. What fun!

Charli, Allie, Nylah, and Claire played so nicely together. Aren't they the cutest?!

The buffet line.

Ali and Vaudry have an interesting friendship.

Charli and Nylah making a joyful noise :)

A leetle-teeny cupcake for Vaudry - Happy Birthday!

Nylah just turned 3, Happy Birthday sweetie!

Some of the gang enjoying dinner of roast beef, redskin potatoes, carrots, homemade pickles, cottage cheese, and lots of fruit. Delicious!

Charli was more than happy to share her baby dolls with any willing participant.

Claire's first roll - she approves!

Mom told us the story of her "Candy Cane Miracle". Feeling utterly overwhelmed this holiday season, she stepped out to her cross/clothes line to talk with God. In the midst of pouring out her stresses regarding menus and gifts and miscellaneous Christmas preparations and the realiziation that she FORGOT CANDY CANES FOR THE STOCKINGS (!!!!), she glanced up into the sky that had been endlessly overcast for days. And in the heavens was a single break in the clouds in the perfect shape of a celestial candy cane. She, always being one to see God in the little things, saw it as an obvious and loving reminder that God is there in the details and that His story is what should really be overwhelming our hearts. When she glanced back up into the sky, the break in the clouds had completely disappeared.

Micah and his ladies - precious to me!

Charli and daddy hanging out with their new friend, Nylah.
Allie is such a little artist and totally enjoyed her Christmas gift of sparkly gel colors from my mom.

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