Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Christmas Day

Christmas Day started at my mom's house.

Ali gets very excited about new fleece sheets.
My husband is already tired of me snapping pictures at unannounced moments.
But he cannot hide his excitement over a new noisemaker. Joy!
I think Charli had just as much, if not more, fun passing around presents as opening them herself. She had a very happy day. Notice her Band-aid on the ankle - she loved her new doctor's set from grandma. Maybe she will be a nurse yet!
"Mikey" and Uncle Dave (frequently mistaken as Uncle Dan by Charli) open their gifts.
Oh I love him! It was a wonderful gift to spend a Christmas with my Micah. I thought often of the wives and girlfriends and fiances who were missing their loved ones due to deployments today.
Mmm, Coldstone ice-cream cake! Look out Auntie Ali, here she comes!

Pretty matching knit hats and sweaters for the little sisters. So cute!
Just as cute on grandma. That lady has style! My girls are so blessed to have a grandma like this, and I'm not just talking about the piles of presents waiting for them today. I hope they will always have the closeness with my mom that I had with her mom. Priceless!

After an attempt at naps this afternoon (Micah is sick and Charli too wired), we went to the Perkins' Parents for Christmas dinner with the Deline family.
Makayla was Charli's favorite - her similar energy level certainly had something to do with that!

Our Christmas Claire-bear. I love this kid - so happy!

Faith is such a sweetheart. Charli, like most young children in my opinion, has an excellent judge of character and is attracted to the kind-hearted. She loved Faith :)
Katie, who is Claire's age, was surprisingly fascinating to Charli. She loves babies, but isn't usually quite this enthralled with her own sister.
Trying on her auntie's pink hat...after living there all of last week she feels she has free reign of her aunt's bedrooms and pretty accessories.

Claire was quite content to sit with Uncle Steve and Stephanie and watch the action - and there was PLENTY of action with 5 cousins around!
After presents and dinner, Charli was happiest to sit and look at her new books with cousin Makayla.
The surprise last gift was for Mom Perkins - her "coveted" laptop. She was happy enough to cry. I enjoyed seeing her children at least as excited about giving the gift as she was about receiving it. Family love is beautiful.
Lovely Naomi modeling her scarf sent from Tim in Iraq.

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