Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Home Again

First of all, HOORAY - I have a few actual pictures of my family. However, apparently I uploaded them backwards because they appear in opposite order of actual occurrence. So join me in back-tracking the last 2 days...

Today, Sunday, was both a breath of fresh air and a challenge to navigate. The girls have both been sick for over a week now and our recent traveling and adjusting to new accommodations at my mom's house was particularly tough on Charlotte. Mom stayed home from church with both girls while Micah and I joined in worship at Mars Hill. That was my fresh air for the day - I was so hungry for that place! We had planned to go to Micah's parents for Sunday dinner, but Charli just wasn't handling it so she and I stayed back while Micah and Claire headed over there. Charli and I had some good snuggle time (after the crying fit finally tapered off). We watched a few rounds of "E-O" a.k.a. "McDonald's" a.k.a. Old MacDonald Had a Farm on YouTube.
We then painted Charli's toenails a pretty purple.
It just so happened that she matched grandma's pretty toe-toes!
Last night mom made us my favorite: chicken tetrazzini for dinner. And, of course, it was - once again - Charli's birthday. We also sang to Claire and for daddy since he will be 30 (!) next week. Claire got the most excited about singing the birthday song. We performed an encore round of it just to elicit her thrilled reaction one more time! Here's her joy-filled face during round 2. :)
We made a special Meijer trip to get Charli some snow-wear so we could get out and experience that white stuff. I must say, it's more exciting and enjoyable when you don't live (and drive) in it every day.

Charli, making popcorn in her new shoes and Dora panties.

Wow, look at all that snow!

Grandma's "special baby" who is "so old" waited for our return for a long time and was much talked-about in the meantime.

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