Tuesday, February 2, 2010

When you want to scream/cry/pull-your-hair out...

Take a picture! That is what I always tell myself: someday (maybe) this will make me smile. Or, if not, it can always be used as blackmail. And, taking 60 seconds to find my camera in the midst of the current crisis can't do any harm; it's a brief breather that helps me take these things in stride. I wanted to freak when I happened upon my darling daughter self-slathered in Vick's vapor rub. I smelled it first, from the next room, and my heart sank. No way. She wouldn't do that! Couldn't have! Did. Hair, cheeks, hands, shirt - nothing was spared the sticky, stinky stuff. She went immediately into an extra warm tub where the goo melted away. But I was reminded again not to scream "WHY?!" (though I'll always think it!) Just take a picture :)

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