Friday, February 26, 2010

Normal Nights

I am happy to announce that I have achieved yet another "normal" in life. Sure, we are in what we hope is a somewhat temporary situation (location- and work-wise) but the day-to-day of it all has resumed rhyme and reason. Micah's work schedule is mostly predictable, I am settling into the neighborhood (I haven't gotten myself lost in a month), the kitchen and I are slowly becoming friends (the smoke detector still screams daily but the end product is more than edible), and we are making friends and getting out more. And - my favorite part of every day - the evenings are chill. Nearly a year after our deployment (I say "our" because it affected each of us in a big way) and I can say that Micah and I know our girls equally well. It's huge to know we both have a good read on their needs and moods and how to deal with those things.

So Micah gets home around 5ish. Charli has helped me make dinner and Claire has successfully emptied the silverware drawer of every last spoon. Claire sits and grins at her daddy with an almost worshipful gaze when he walks in and Charli's first words to him are "want to build a BIG tower, daddy?" and "want to try something NEW?!" And so they do. Every day. While I pour the ice water and scrape the burnt edges off the main course on its way to the table.

After dinner all 4 of us end up on the livingroom floor for blocks and books and, lately, "Yimpics". Speed skating is our favorite. Charli chants, "Let's go, Uh-0h, let's go" in support of the speedy Apollo Ohno.

We laugh together and tell stories. And sometimes our tired eyes glance at the clock in anticipation of bedtime, but all the while it feels GOOD to have a normal. *sigh*

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  1. Normals can be sooo good:D So very happy that you have settled into a normal and get to be a family under one roof :D