Friday, February 26, 2010

Hopscotch and Friends

We discovered this great indoor playplace this week. It's similar to our Playworld in concept, but geared more for infants and toddlers. Perfect for us!

Everything is padded, which is fantastic for this wannabe-walker.

And the blow up playgrounds are awesome for my monkey. She gets braver all the time!

With carts for shopping, a huge playhouse, dress-up, and babies galore...this girl's in heaven! Speaking of shopping, how many 2-year-olds have a favorite store brand? Well, mine likes Old Navy. She asks for her "Old Naybe" outfits every morning. Not sure where she gets it; I'm not a big shopper by any means. Just a girl thing?

Ready, set, whee!

(This is random, but cuteness :))

Rockin' it with our new friend, Breannah.

And then we went to the mall for rides and lunch.

Somber little aviators.

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  1. That place looks sweet...Enjoy :D And yes, you have two very big cuties on your hands :D Miss you!!