Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Mailbag

Let the Valentines festivities begin! 2 big packages arrived for 2 little girls today. Soooo exciting!

Grandma's "present box".

Claire helps.

A pretty butterfly card with pretty nice gifts cards to Gap and Friday's. Mall and dinner tonight, anyone?

Stickering the sister.

Ooooo, sugar!

Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, was exclaimed over. Even an issue of Ladies' Home Journal for mom!

Grandma thought of everything. Even "note cookies" (read: fortune cookies). Charlotte loves breaking them open and passing out the notes. Charli's fortune of the day: Your magnetic personality will take you far. I don't doubt it!

She even got excited about finding her sister's bottle in the box that we had left behind.

More stickers!

Grandma knows what this girl likes!

Hooray for "potty treats"! (read: M&Ms)

The candy was broken out immediately, of course.

Pearls for mommy!

Chicka Chicka ABC - a favorite!

Now a package from Kurt!

Claire loved her puppy-dog card from Kurt!

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