Saturday, February 13, 2010

Let's Go Toppers, Let's Go!

Last week we went to see our hometown Hilltoppers take to the court. With a husband on faculty (read: free tickets!!!) it was only fitting that we cheer on our WKU least until halftime (read: tired kids/bedtime). Charli loves basketball and misses Aunt Ali's games so she had a marvelous time watching "the big boys play". In the picture above she was trying to get a good look at Big Red, the rather blobbish red mascot.

Claire people-watched and ate popcorn - my kinda girl!

An attempt at a self-family-portrait.

Oh, and then there were the "dancing girls" (cheerleaders) - they had Charlotte's rapt attention. I think our team won, but we really just went for the fun and popcorn.

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