Friday, February 26, 2010

February, go away.

It was getting late but one member of our family had energy to burn. I'd like to thank February for that. There's something about lots of fresh air tiring a kid out that no amount of running around the mall or other indoor playplace can match. Not that I haven't tried. So anyway, I was desperate. First we tried riding in a sleeping bag down a flight of stairs because I remembered that was fun once upon a time. Bruising my aging tailbone quickly reminded me I'm not 10 anymore and so the Couch Slide was born.
Step 1: Stuff couch cushions into sleeping bag. Zip up.
Step 2: Prop on a steep angle against the couch. (Pay no attention to the crumbs, etc. in the bowels of my sofa. Sorry, I'm a nurse - I freely use the word "bowels".)

Step 3: Scale the slope and squeal with delight as you slide to bottom. P.S. Wear a silk nightie for maximum speed.

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