Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday Top 10: Oddities in housekeeping

I had company from out-of-state over the weekend and am just now getting back into the swing of things. Besides, this sun and fresh air puts me in the cleaning mood. A day in the life...

1. I have 2 heavy drinkers in the house (milk, that is). So there are sippy cups with us wherever we go. One particularly drippy sippy went unnoticed into the diaper bag with my camera. Yeah. Now there is 2% inside the camera and behind the screen that made a heart-sinking squelch when I picked it up. :(

2. $5 in the dryer - woohoo!

3. There are raisins pressed firmly into the electrical outlet holes behind the highchair. Neither kid was electrocuted, I just checked. Child-proof outlet covers are now on the shopping list.

4. Our garbage man (that's probably politically incorrect, sorry) decided to leave my dumpster-size trash bin on the front porch even though the garbage pick up happens in the backyard. Thanks, pal!

5. While cleaning out the stroller I find an unopened jar of homemade cherry butter that I most certainly did not make or buy. Odd, but I'll take it.

6. Tampons. Everywhere. Apparently someone decided to save me the trouble of unwrapping them and went so far as to remove them from their casings and tucked them back in the bathroom cabinet.

7. Up to my arms in dirtied cleaning water and mop-cloth in hand, I hear from behind me "Mommy is very pretty today." That made me smile as I scrubbed her dried bananas from the kitchen floor.

8. One toilet down and one to go and the Clorox cleaner runs out. Makes me wish I knew some home-remedy/recipe for making a quick batch of cleaner, but I don't so it'll have to wait. On the list it goes under "outlet covers".

9. It is essential to set up a a blockade against invading toddlers after each room is tidied up. Their ability to deconstruct any sense of order is not to be underestimated. This tactic only lasts about 10 minutes but for some reason I still feel compelled to try and thwart their efforts anyway.

10. So that's where all the little socks went. Tucked neatly and out-of-sight between the mattress and bed frame in Charli's room. At least that's one thing that can come OFF the shopping list!


  1. That was funny. Don't you just love it when the little guys pick the strangest moment to tell you you're pretty?
    Happy raisin picking!

  2. Can I borrow the cherry butter culprit? My finances are meager and I need to go grocery shopping!

  3. Thanks for this post - you just described almost every Thursday for me. So, I've got this website bookmarked for home made cleaning supplies - It's been in the bookmarks for about a year and I've yet to actually do any of them. And, of course, toilet bowl cleaner is just about the only cleaner not on the list, but maybe next week it will be windex or something else that you find yourself at the end of. Sounds like it was a good time with your mom and sister!

  4. I love #7...can't wait till my boy can talk a bit more...maybe I'll hear that one day :)