Sunday, March 7, 2010

Last minute business trip, turned pleasure

In light of an ongoing battle to get a new Verizon phone (long story), a trip to Nashville, TN became necessary. Just under an hour away, it was borderline "too far to go for a day" with two nap-needing toddlers. But we're new to town and had never been to the famed Opryland Hotel so we decided to just go for it. Go for it we did and what fun we had!
This would be Charli, ready for adventure!

And Claire, who is always up for anything. And down with it all.

"Look, mom, a boat!" We ran around after that tour-boat for an hour. All four of us were mightily impressed by sheer size of it all. Not to mention the smells of spring and fresh food and the feel of tropical air. Now I can't wait to go back withOUT kids!

Taking it all in...

Um, yeah, that's my kid picking the decorative floating flowers out of the fountain pool.

Claire cannot wait to walk; it's torture for her to see the big sister running free and not being able to keep up.

Taking a breather,
watching the ducks...
I think this has to be where the term "lucky duck" was coined. Wow, talk about a life of luxury for those little quackers!

And off we go again!

The glass elevator ride was a BIG hit.

We were brave and took the girls to a fancy restaurant in the hotel. Crayons go a long way in keeping us all sitting nicely!

"Whatcha drawin' daddy?" She was extremely impressed with the cuteness of the house he drew just for her.

My littlest Love.

Silly times are never far off with this daddy and his girl.

Now, how on earth do we get out of here?...

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  1. What sweet people you have.
    I think they like adventure...