Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Monday Meal Plan

I believe I mentioned before that I am now cheating on menu planning. By doing this I know I am giving up any kind of Martha Stewart Award but using E-mealz has been the best thing that's happened in my kitchen since it gained a dishwasher. Seriously! No coupons, no recipe books/websites, no list-making, no nothing. Well, except visit the website and print and then off to the store I go. The only downside is that I feel like I'm cheating by continuing to post "my" meal plans each Monday. So they're not mine; but they make my life easier and happier so please accept my disclaimer and my family's un-original meal plan:

Monday: Country Style BBQ Ribs, Roasted Onion Potatoes, Apple Peanut Cole Slaw

Tuesday: Poppy Seed Chicken, Steamed Rice, Hot Peas

Wednesday: Beef & Cheese Enchiladas, Lime Cucumber Salad, Tortilla Chips

Thursday: Chinese Roast, Steamed Rice, Stir-Fry Vegetables

Friday: Broccoli Cheese Soup, Crackers, Apple Slices

Saturday: Italian Casserole, Steamed Green Beans

Sunday: Beef and Artichoke Pasta, Steamed Broccoli, Garlic Bread

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