Tuesday, March 30, 2010

No camera = Slow blog

My corner in Blog Land has been unusually quiet lately because *sob* I have no camera. But don't tell my mom - who gave it to me for Christmas - that it only lasted 3 months in the hands of her supposedly responsible daughter. She'll probably call me and use my middle name "Caitlin Mayme!" or something. I discovered the dead camera about 2 weeks ago and a reader of this blog suggested putting it in a Ziploc bag with rice and it might regain life. It is still in that rice bag on my fridge and utterly lifeless. It's terrible - Easter is around the corner and my girls have so many fun celebrations and egg hunts this week and I'm learning new crafty skills and slowly becoming a runner and making new friends and there's just so much worth capturing in pictures and I'm left camera-less for the time being. Hope to remedy that soon!

1 comment:

  1. Hi! Lovely blog.

    I jumped over from Smacksy.

    You had me at the first post and the purpose of your blog.

    I don't want to miss a single memory, either. It goes too quickly.